A book you’ll love: The art of disappearing by Elena Perez

A new book by Elena Perez!

If you were clairvoyant, like Delia Dark is in The Art of Disappearing, you would already know who’s about to betray everyone in Rosewood on the Pretty Little Liars season finale. But it doesn’t take psychic powers to predict that you’re going to love this novel by Elena Perez. All you’ve got to do is read our free sample of The Art of Disappearing and find out!

The Art of Disappearing tells the tale of Delia Dark, a high school girl whose psychic dream predicts the death of one of her classmates. Being connected to the creepy death of an outcast will make Delia an outcast too–unless she plays by her best friend Ava’s rules and ignores her premonitions. Delia can see the future; read on to find out if she also has the power to change it . . .

Read a free sample of The Art of Disappearing below. Then get it on your eReader for just $3.99 from Amazon or for NOOK™ on barnesandnoble.com.

So, if you wanna reed it ,first start with this: The Art of Disappearing by Elena Perez(Ki0lu’s blog)    ,make sure that you like it ,that you are free to buy it!

                                                                                                   – L.


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