Today is the birthday of one of my favorite book: „Ruby Blue” by Julie Cassar!!One year ago,Ruby Blue hit the shelves!This book is magically and I love it so much!!I really want it in Romania,so all of you can read it.But,untill then,the book…is….FREE ON AMAZON!!!YES,YES,YES!!You can download your copy from here as fast as you can.The book is free for one week,so go get your own copy and read it!!

The second book,Deja Blue ,was released on June 7.I didn’t read it yet,I am waiting for my copy to arrive.C’mon post office,I am dying here! x_x

Anyway,happy birthday Ruby Blue and thank you for makeing my days better!


Did you downloaded „Ruby Blue”? I did,though I read it already! ❤ ❤ ❤

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