Ma gandeam sa fac recenzia cartii „Enigma Otiliei” de George Calinescu ,dar mi-am dat seama ca multi  au iubit cartea asta inca de la primele 30 de pagini, si cu toate astea multi au citit-o asa ca am renuntat la ideea asta.

Nu stiu daca si voi sunt interesati si de parerile altora , insa eu da. Sunt curioasa cum gandesc cei din alte tari depre literatura ro. ,si asa am facut de m-am uitat printre comentariile cititorilor si uite ce am gasit:


„Diana Gligor’s review

3 of 5 stars false


Besides the detailed descriptions and other significant techniques used by the author, this book has a great value by its entire message. After you finish it, you just start to think which is the real mistery of Otilia. When a girls tells a boy that she loves him, she offers herself to him and then leaves him for another, it is a real mistery to a man. The real mistery is of any woman and her meaningless actions in the man’s eyes.
„Ella Sunei
rated it 5 of 5 stars false
Some have said that the author used Balzac’s way of describing interior’s of houses, and that for this reason, the book should be dismissed. I disagree with this view, and will say that Romanian literature was quite behind western one. It was because Romania was conquered by numerous other countries, and fighting off intruders doesn’t really give you time to be creative. When we finally started rising from the darkness, and started writing, of course we sought out the best of the Western culture, and learned from them. Such resemblements of style, sometimes, were inevitable.
My advice is that one should try to read this book open-mindedly, and see behind the form, see and understand all the subtext messages.
It’s an amazing book, and it best describes some quite uncharted conditions of man.”

„Ovidiu Voinea

rated it 4 of 5 stars false


This novel it’s about a boy called Felix that fells in love with a girl named Otilia. Even if between them it’s a strong relation of friendship and affection, Otilia will break his heart in the end.
Excellent story, excellent written.”



Si multe altele ,am un sentiment cam ciudat cand le citesc ,ceva combinat cu mandria.Inca am incredere in noi, romanii,chiar daca in ultima vreme a cam fost un haos prin tara,dar sper ca o sa se termine toare astea !Succes Romania!


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