1 thing You Probably Didn’t Know

1 thing You Probably Didn’t Know

Deleted scene of Donia and Keenan set after the events of Wicked Lovely

Donia glanced away from the window when he walked in. „You aren’t to be here.”
„Actually, I am.”  Keenan smiled, wicked and lovely and beautiful. „This is exactly where I’m to be, Don.”
„No. I need time. I’m still angry with–„
„So tell me to go.” He looked happier than he had in forever, rainbows bounced around her room illuminating shadows with bands of vibrating colors as he leaned against the wall watching her. „Your guards told me to go. Your fey tried to turn me away at the door. Again.”
For weeks, she watched him walk to her door, only to be denied entrance.  He looked up at the window then, laughed and shook his head.  It had been several months since she’d seen him, since she’d told him to stay away, since she’d told him she loved him.
„They are supposed to deny you.” She forced herself not to look at him, not to give in. „It was my order.”
„And I’ve walked away each time they told me to go, like some denied suitor. Is that what you wanted? To make me wait?”
She didn’t answer. Lying wasn’t a choice, and truth wouldn’t help her case.
„I’m growing tired of waiting, Don.”
„I’ve been tired of waiting for years, Keenan.”
„So stop. Dine with me tonight? Walk with me under the stars?” He moved closer with each word, and she had no where to run.
Why run? She’d been waiting for this for more years than she cared to admit. But having him so near, so willing to try to have a relationship terrified her. What if we fail?
She looked at him then, and admitted, „I want to.”
„So do I. So what’s stopping us?” Keenan sat beside her, not touching.
„I don’t trust you.” She’d thought about it a great deal in the past months. She’d dated once, before him, but since then she’d been alone. It had been years–years in which Keenan dated girl after girl, years in which those girls were in his arms and between his sheets.
He raised his hand to touch her cheek. „Let me try to court you. This is what you said you wanted. Remember?”
She nodded. „But I need to go slow this time.”
„If that’s what you want.”
It wasn’t what she wanted, but it was what she needed: her fears had grown fierce as she’d considered–truly considered–what it would mean if they failed at this. To spend eternity required to deal with each other, but aching at the inability to be together.  Is it better to have a dream untried and keep it or to take the risk at destroying it by trying to make it real?
„I don’t want us to fail this time,” was all she said.
„So we don’t fail.” He pulled her closer, holding her as tenderly as he did in her dreams, cradling her in his arms as he had when she was mortal so long ago.
„Promise,” he agreed.
And it didn’t taste at all like a lie.

Rule #1:  Don’t ever attract their attention.

Rule #2:  Don’t speak to invisible faeries.

Rule #3:  Don’t stare at invisible faeries.

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