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The Geneva Connection

Rating: 4.67 of 5 stars 4.67

Brilliant investor John Kent is living his dream. The success of his private equity firm has propelled him into the ranks of the world’s super-rich, allowing him to give his family the security and advantages he hadn’t known in his own childhood.

But John’s dream is shattered with the discovery that his largest investor is bankrolled by the most vicious drug cartel in Mexico. Then one of his partners is murdered to guarantee his silence, and John realizes he cannot go to the authorities.

When the ambitious head of the DEA threatens John with incarceration, his nightmare is complete. If he resists the DEA, what will happen to his family while he’s imprisoned? But the alternative is worse. For if John chooses to betray the cartel, he and his family might pay the ultimate price.

About Martin Bodenham

In his long career as a private equity investor, Martin Bodenham has witnessed investment banking’s greed and fear at first hand, providing plenty of dramatic material for his financial thriller novels. Much like Grisham does with legal thrillers, Martin sets his fast-paced plots against the real world backdrop of international finance, giving his stories authenticity and depth.

Martin is the CEO of a London-based private equity firm. He lives in Rutland, England’s smallest county.

“ The story was great & a definite page turner. ”-June E. Kramin

Author Martin has created a believable world populated by living, breathing characters who have their own backstories, woven into the story with a light touch. ” Derek Thompson

“ I recommend this thriller to anyone who wants to learn how powerful the Cartels really are! ” Donna Wierzbowski

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