The Girl in the Wall – Daphne Benedis-Grab

Oare cand voi termina toate catile luate in ultima saptamana? Acum serios, cred ca am depasit un numar de 20 de carti 😐 +  cele pe care trebuie sa le citesc pentru scoala(sincer nu-mi vine ,dar sunt o-b-l-i-g-a-t-a) si sa nu mai spun ca suntem abia in Ianuarie:|

Tre’ s-o las mai moale …

Cu toate astea va prezint ultima mea carte -sper sa fie ultima cumparata pe saptamana asta- pe care deja o iubesc desi inca nu m-am apucat de ea-Treci la coada!

A powerful story of deadly intrigue and the bonds of friendship in the closed world of America’s super-rich

After an unforgivable betrayal, Ariel has made it her job to turn everyone at their posh prep school against her former best friend Sera. Yet, Sera’s father forces her to attend Ariel’s birthday bash in hopes of making amends, and softening the sting is Hudson Winters, gorgeous teen idol, who will be giving a private concert.

But facing the social event of the year in utter disgrace turns out to be the least of Sera’s problems on the most fateful night of her life. Dropped off by the family driver at the gated Barett mansion where she virtually grew up with Ariel, Sera worries only about avoiding the birthday girl. Then, when the lights dim, instead of the opening notes of a ballad, there’s a burst of gunfire. Unseen thugs cut down adults and teens alike as mercenaries target Ariel’s father, one of the first to die. Ariel takes refuge in a secret set of staircases behind the walls, where the family’s servants have always made their discreet way from floor to floor. Only Sera knows where Ariel is. As the clock ticks down on the few hours hostage takers give Sera before they execute her, Ariel counts on Sera to remember where she is and the sisterhood they once shared. Sera turns to Hudson, who has been only a face on a CD cover until now, learning the shocking secrets of the singer’s life that may be their only hope.

Ceva despre autor…

Daphne Benedis-Grab, author of The Girl in the Wall, earned her MFA in creative writing from The New School, where she began the thesis that became her first book, Alive and Well in Prague, New York. She has worked a number of jobs including buildings houses for Habitat for Humanity and teaching adult literacy classes. She lives with her husband and their two children in New York City.

Mai multe informatii gasiti pe site-ul : ,sau pe pagina de Facebook a autoarei 😉

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