Shattered Grace (Fallen from Grace #1) by K. Anne Raines

Shattered Grace (Fallen from Grace, #1)

First of all, Thank You K Anne Raines for sending me this beautiful book!!!

„Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the lord my soul to keep,

If I shall die before I wake,

I pray the lord my soul to take.”

After her grandfather died, Grace feels like nothing matters. He was the only person that made her feel like she mattered. Without him, Grace is simply lost.  Her mother hated here, her father left them when she was only 3 years old. Soon, after she met her grandfather’s “lawyer”, she knew the world will never be the same. She will never be the girl she thought she was. Yes, she is different, but not a freak, she has a gift, not a curse. Not only does she have a secret, but it seems everyone around her has their own secrets. Evan that stranger from her grandfather’s funeral isn’t what he said he is. Her grandfather told her in a letter that she could trust him, but something went wrong and she refused to do that. So, who can she trust? It seems that everyone has a secret, one wrong step and she would be dead, and with her, the world will end. How can she prepare for the fight to stay alive, and finish high school….all at one time?

Shattered Grace is full of emotions that will make you angry, sad, happy and take a breath when you didn’t realize you were holding it. Grace’s life is like the life of  a normal teenager with ups and downs with girlfriends, boys and dating and partying, fighting with parents and other family members.   Even you think is just a supernatural story, „Shattered Grace” is more like a life lesson because „nothing is what it seems”.

This book was amazing!I enjoyed it thoroughly and I can’t wait for the next one in this series.I  recommend this book to everyone!!!

„A surprised Quentin stood wide-eyed and slack-jawed. “Can you see through walls?” “Can I what?” His eyebrows drew together as he chuckled. “I’m not Superman.” “Can you fly?” “No.” He sounded completely unwilling to elaborate. “Are you almost done? You have school tomorrow and your mom has to get up for work.” “Be there in a minute.” Relieved he didn’t witness her performance, Grace turned and surveyed her room.”

“How’d you know I was standing outside the door?” “Well, it’s kind of like what I said to you about the band helping me know how you’re feeling. It also helps me sense where you are.” “It’s a GPS tracker?” she asked as her mother remained quiet, but obviously visually engaged in the conversation. “Not exactly.” “Then what, exactly? Stop speaking ‘Quentin’ and just spit it out already.” This beating around the bush thing was going to drive her mental. “The seneschal band links us together. I sense you, feel you. Your emotions run through my veins … fear, sadness, happiness. The whole gamut.” Laney still hadn’t said a word and the look on her face confirmed to Grace she wasn’t surprised by anything she heard. Grace’s head swiveled back and forth between the two. “So, what you’re telling me is, not only can I be sensed by the others, but I can also be tracked by you?” “Basically.” “Great, my personal paparazzi posse is now complete. Yay, me!” She jerked her chin toward her mother.”

„Elephants somewhere must be flying, because Laney calling in to work to stay home and take care of Grace was a fluke.”

„Later, she tried calling Emily, who said she and Tommy were studying—uh-huh—and that she would call her later. Grace didn’t expect a call back. All Emily had time for anymore was Tommy. Before Tommy, she and Emily were practically joined at the hip. Since Tommy, Grace had started feeling pretty lonely.”


Abou K. Anne Raines

K Anne Raines is the author of Shattered Grace, the first novel in her Fallen from Grace series  She is a Washington State University graduate and the senior accountant at a local firm in her home town. K Anne is sought by business clients for her math skills, but readers pursue her imagination in the Fallen from Grace series.  Her husband suffers as a target of her quick wit, but loves her brains and beauty (he is responsible for all the glowing comments here).Grace is brought to life in Shattered and encounters new challenges in books II and III.  K Anne’s impassioned but regular commitment to chocolate covered raisins and the occasional mint chocolate chip ice cream inspires creativity at home . . . wherever the raisins or ice cream are, there she is with a laptop.  A lover of great sushi and other fine food, K Anne prefers coffee in the morning, the right wine in the evening, and her fireplace at all times.
A Northwest native, K Anne Raines is the mother of three, cat lover, avid exerciser, and blanket hogger.

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