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 Shadow Chaser (Son of Angels #3)
by Jerel Law
Release Date: May 7th, 2013
Thomas Nelson
240 pages

Join part angel Jonah Stone as he faces his biggest challenge yet!

Many months have passed since part angel siblings Jonah, Eliza, and Jeremiah Stone began their angelic training. As part angels, or „quarterlings,” the siblings joined other children of nephilim to begin honing their special powers.

In this third installment in the Son of Angels series, Jonah’s story comes to resemble a modern-day Job as he’s faced with trials that affect his health, strength, relationships, and most-prized possessions. As he and the other quarterlings prepare for mid-term exams, their powers are tested once again in the most fierce battle against Abaddon’s forces yet. Will Jonah’s faith in Elohim continue to persevere as he fights Abaddon in his hardest battle yet?

Parents today are looking for fiction that makes Christianity and the Bible exciting for their kids. This series is the first Christian answer to Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Kane Chronicles, the Secret Series, and other middle-grade series packed with action, adventure, and supernatural fights. But the message is solidly based in Scripture, conveying God is always in control.

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About the Author

jerel law
Jerel Law is a gifted communicator and pastor with seventeen years of full-time ministry experience. He holds his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (go Tarheels!), and a master of divinity degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Jerel began writing fiction as a way to encourage his children’s faith to come alive. He lives in North Carolina with his family. Spirit Fighter is his first novel.


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Shadow Chaser – The story behind the title

            Why the title, Shadow Chaser?

            There are many stories in the New Testament of Jesus confronting not only the religious leaders of the day, but the powerful forces at work in the spiritual world.  Forces that the book of Ephesians calls “the powers of this dark world”, the “spiritual forces of evil”. (Eph 6:12)  There is a reality here that we have to come to terms with.  Jesus came across many, many people who were sick.  And on certain occasions, he recognized that the illness was due to a spiritual force attacking someone.  This isn’t always the case with sickness, by the way…but when we read the Scriptures we have to acknowledge that Jesus, at least, believed these powers were real, and harmful to people.  There were times where he healed someone from a sickness; there were other times where he told a demon bringing the malady on to leave.  Both listened to his commands.

            There is an old Hebrew word – “Machala” – it is the word that means “sickness”.  In Shadow Chaser, I’ve personified that word.  M’chala shows up as a fallen angel of sorts…the angel capable of causing illness in a human being.  He moves differently…like a shadow, a wisp of smoke, so that even some of the fallen are afraid.  He plays by a different set of rules.

            And he’s after Jonah, his family, and his friends.

            How do you fight something you can barely see?  What can Jonah, Eliza, and Jeremiah possibly do to combat M’chala – the fallen angel of sickness?

            And how do you trust God in the middle of it all?

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