Sad news for „The Selection” fans

This is what I found on Teen:

Alas, The Selection television series will not see the light of day (again!). One year after announcing the potential show, The CW ordered a pilot episode of the YA book for the second time around (sans its original star, Aimee Teegarden) only to re-break the hearts of Selection fans.

Author Kiera Cassannounces, “Ok, just got the official call from the studio, so I can say it: No, The CW will not be picking up The Selection.”

She continues, “Please join me in thanking the cast & crew for all their time & work, & in wishing them luck on their next projects. Thank you!”

Well, umm… I know that this book is very good, so, yeah, I’m a little sad :|. What about you?


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