Scarred Love

*** Excerpt ***

Darcie ~ Age 12

“Darcie, your stepfather does these things because you refuse to listen to anything I tell you,” my mom says while swallowing a handful of pills with her glass of red wine. “Just stay out of his way, be in your room when he’s home and it will give him less of a reason to punish you.”

I’ve been putting up with Robert’s punishments for eight years and I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never escape them until I leave. My mom takes pills and drinks from her bottle of wine several times a day. When she’s not drinking or downing pills, she’s sleeping.

I despise my mother. She’s weak and I fucking hate her.

She tells me I deserve punishments and she’s probably right, but what she’s neglected to tell me is why she allows him to do it. I barely remember what our life was like before Robert Stein, but I know it was never this horrible. We managed to have fun and I never lived in fear. Why did she let Robert change her? Isn’t a mother supposed to protect their child? Once a child is born, isn’t their mother expected to possess this sixth sense, that same kind of sense that can allow women to lift cars off their children? My thoughts fade as soon as she squeezes the ointment on her finger and rubs it onto the fresh cigar burns on my back and thighs. Robert never gave me a reason why he did it other than he couldn’t find his ashtray. 




Guest Blog Post Topics

1)      What Does Your Office Look Like?

My office is the one space in the house my husband has free reign to decorate as manly as he wants, other than the garage of course. When we bought our house I let him go crazy and did not say a word. It’s funny how this is a room I am in every single day, writing away and he has yet to spend a significant amount of time in it at all.. So as I sit in this room, surrounded by everything guy, I find it easy to write from the man’s point of view than the woman’s. The inspiration is everywhere.


As for a description of the room itself, the moment you step foot into the it you will learn quickly my husband is a huge fan of the best college football in EVER to walk this plant, the Iowa Hawkeyes. GO HAWKS!  Everywhere you turn there is a piece of memorabilia hanging on the wall, sitting on a shelf, or scrolling across the monitor as the screen saver. Pictures of our son dress in an Iowa Hawkeyes jersey are hanging just above the desk and I know my husband is secretly hoping he will play for them someday. To keep adding to the masculine theme of the room, Al Pacino starring in Scarface is hanging on another wall wanting to introduce you to his little friend. The next thing you learn is he has a great passion for cars. Placed along the ledge that surrounds the room is bumper to bumper model cars he assembled throughout his life.


My desk is nothing to call home about. Just a black, pre-manufactured desk picked up from some local office supply store. There is nothing too fancy, but it does the trick quite well. Accompanying my desk, I have a five tier book shelf covered in books, DVDs and CDs.  To the right of my desk is a window which has a view of my backyard. I love to write during when the lightening is flashing outside and the rain is coming down. I don’t know why, but it ways seems to keep me focused.



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