About Ignite by Erica Crurch – Interview + Review

Penemuel (Pen) fell from grace over a millennium ago, yet there are still times she questions her decision to follow her twin brother, Azael, to Hell. Now that the archangel Michael has returned, threatening Lucifer’s vie for the throne, she begins questioning everything she has always believed.

As Hell prepares for war – spreading a demonic virus and pilfering innocent souls to build an army – the lines separating the worlds blur. Fates erase and the future is left unwritten. Azael is determined that he and his sister will continue to serve as demons together, but for the first time in her life, Pen is not ruled by destiny. She has the freedom of choice. 

With choice comes sacrifice, and Pen must decide which side she’s willing to risk everything fighting for: the light, or the dark.


Hi, Erica!

Hi! Thanks so much for having me!


1.What made you write Ignite? (How did the story come in to your mind?)

Most of my ideas for writing come to me in the middle of the night. Luckily, I keep a notebook on my nightstand so I can write it down so I don’t forget it in the morning. One night, I remember waking up from this weird dream of this girl standing in the middle of an insane asylum covered in blood, but the girl wasn’t a girl at all, she was a demon. But there was something about her that didn’t seem particularly dangerous, even though she obviously was lethal. And then I became thinking – how did all demons become demons? Are there some reluctant demons, some that are maybe not all bad? I had been wanting to write something with mythology/angels and demons, and when I woke up, I knew this was the idea I needed to run with.


2.If you were a character (from your book) witch one would you be? Why?

I am a bit of each character, I think. They each have a trait of mine, in some way. Pen’s love of literature and her spunk, Michael’s curiosity, Azael’s sarcasm… But if I could choose to be one, I think I’d want to be Pen. She’s really kind of a badass, and she’s got great memory. She can literally remember every line from every book, poem or journal she’s read. Plus she can throw knives.


3.Can you tell us something about „Entice”?

I’m really excited about Entice. It’s an e-novella prequel to Ignite, going back to the final battle in the war, where Michael was slain, and follows Pen and Az after they first fall from grace. It explains how the two got to where they are in Ignite and gives readers more of their backstory. It also follows them in Eden.


4.How did you became an author?

I’ve always wanted to write, since I was a little kid. When I was in preschool, I would write or tell stories for my friends, and then I started writing short, 1-page poems on our family’s one computer just so I could decorate it with clipart (that, at the time, I was very proud of knowing how to do). My grandmother actually had this binder filled with my short stories and poems I had written her, and it’s really funny to look through and remember how excited I was about what I was writing. I never thought I’d actually get the chance to do anything with what I’ve written, but I decided to take a leap and leave behind the more “secure” communications degree for one in Creative Writing and English. And then, well, I just started writing. That’s really the first step to becoming an author: WRITE. Write everything, no matter how horrible it is. You’ll have to trunk a majority of these stories, but if you throw enough spaghetti against the wall, eventually some will stick. (Is that a saying? Ah, it is now!) That’s what happened with Ignite. I was really excited about the characters and the project, and I spent the time polishing it and getting it published. It’s a lot of work and can be extremely exhausting, but if it’s something you’re passionate about, it’s worth it, 100%.


5.Who do you picture playing the roles of your characters if it were to become a movie?

I love fancasting! It’s so much fun imagining what my characters would look like on screen, or how some of the scenes would translate. I tend to write from a visual perspective, so I see a scene play out in my head as I’m writing a chapter, and I would flip out (in a fantastic way) to see it come to life. So, on to fancasting…

Kaya Scodelario as Pen. I first saw her in Skins as Effy, and she was amazing. She can capture a character’s wide range of emotions – from unruly and wild to broken – which is critical with Pen. She also has an edge to her that, I think, would play really well. She’s beautiful and has the coolest voice.

Asher Book as Azael. I don’t remember how I came across Asher Book, but I remember seeing a picture of him and running around the house saying I found Az! He looks almost exactly how I imagine Azael in my head, and he and Kaya look like they could be siblings!

Hunter Parrish as Michael. I saw Hunter in Weeds and was instantly in love with him. He’s funny, smart, and a great actor. Plus, he seems very genuine, and I think he could bring a lot to Michael’s character, as an angel who is new and trying to figure out what he thinks right and wrong really is.

Andrew Garfield as Gus. Oooh, Andrew Garfield. I’ve had a crush on him since Doctor Who, and then I saw him in Never Let Me Go and he made me cry. In Spiderman, he sealed the deal. He’s funny and has amazing depth as an actor. I also think he would play off Asher (Az) well, since they have a really funny dynamic on page.

Candice Accola as Lilith. We don’t see much of Lilith in the book, but she’s an important character and will be making her presence known in book 2. Candice Accola is soooo gorgeous and a really funny, strong actress. She has this power to her delivery (as you can see in her portrayal of Caroline in Vampire Diaries). Lilith is described as being very pale with white-blonde hair. I think Candice would portray Lilith’s backstory really well and add something so interesting to her character!

Eddie Redmayne as Lucifer. Lucifer doesn’t make his appearance until the very end of Ignite, but he’s mentioned throughout the book and, if it were to be a movie, I’m sure we’d check in with him, Gus and Lilith every now and then to see how things are going on their end. The first movie I saw Eddie Redmayne in was My Week with Marilyn and how could I resist him? I would love to see him play a dark character like Lucifer, and see how he would interact with Hunter (Michael).


… Can I cast a director too? Because I would love to see Tim Burton interpret the book to film. He has such an interesting dark quirk about him that I think would lend beautifully to the text. His eye for cinematography is superb (have you seen Corpse Bride and the beautiful colors?). He also, I think, has a really deep understanding of the characters and story. He’s a genius.



6.Is there anything about you that would surprise your readers?

I was considering going into Forensic Anthropology. I thought it would be a really interesting field, but, alas, I don’t get along as well as I wish to with science and math. My freshman year of college, I took a course and had to memorize every bone of the body and study different ways people could be murdered. It actually gives me some insight into different kinds of violence (with daggers, swords, hatchets, whips, etc.) and is helpful when writing action or fight scenes and explaining an injury.


It was nice to meet you, Erica. And now, some words for Romanian readers!

Thanks again! Hello Romania!!! Sper că vă bucuraţi-vă aprindă! Mulţumesc pentru citire! (Boy I hope I wrote that right!)

Yep, I mean, no… sorry Erica. We know you tried to say „I hope you enjoy „Ignite”! Thanks for reading!”, thank you for trying to translate, and thank you for sending me your book(ebook)!!!

Some words about Ignite

I think that Erica Crouch’s writing style made the book one hell of an adventure. This book was a fun, quick read, and I enjoyed it in spite of myself. I loved every tiny bit of this book (Michael, Gus, etc haha)! I read it in almost 2 days, and believe me when I say that I didn’t sleep until I finished it -it made me sad,but I don’t have what to do… She wasn’t too descriptive, giving enough for the reader’s imagination to feed upon. It kind of surprised me in many ways. I was always trying to guess wath will happen next – sometimes I was pretty close, then I got angry and curious. There was enough action to keep me turning the pages, and enough romance to leave me thinking about it when I went to bed at night. I really loved the main character, Pen, a demon who falls in love with an angel.

Ignite Quotes

“Yes, Hell is very serious business. That’s why no one ever smiles down there.”

“There is a steady dripping sound of yesterday’s rain sliding down branches and splashing on rocks, into the stream, or onto the soft ground. Periodically, there is a loud chirp from a bird that flits from branch to branch, answered later by a bright melody from its unseen companion. Behind these noises is a quieter, humming sound. I follow the humming, walking soundlessly under branches and over flat, slippery rocks. I keep walking until I come up to a grouping of thinned trees that let sunlight come streaming down onto a small patch of ground that is covered in dry, coppery pine needles.”

Quotes from Goodreads


Duality by Kellie Sheridan – Cover Reveal

Title: Duality (The Hitchhiker Strain, #2)
Author: Kellie Sheridan
Publisher: Patchwork Press

Release Date: December 31st, 2013


              The end of everything came quickly, but the road back is endless and full of heartbreak.

              After months of only death and loss, Veritas may be the answer everyone has been searching for—a cure. Savannah wants nothing more than to begin rebuilding, but with both the Initiative and the United Militia vying for power, there are no easy answers. Ending the threat for good could mean becoming something far worse than the monsters she is fighting against.

           The infected will not go quietly. For Chelsea, the choice to step back into the world of the living is anything but simple. No miracle can erase the memories of the things she saw or the people she killed. While the girl she was struggles against the beast she became, Chelsea must make a choice—succumb or fight.

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Letter from Jace to Clary

Despite everything, I can’t bear the thought of this ring being lost forever, any more then I can bear the thought of leaving you forever. And though i have no choice about the one, at least I can choose about the other. Im leaving you our family ring because you have as much right to it as i do
I’m writing this watching the sun come up. You’re asleep, dreams moving behind your restless eyelids. I wish i knew what you were thinking. I wish I could slip into your head and see the world the way you do. I wish I could see myself the way you do. But maybe I dont want to see that. Maybe It would make me feel even more than I already do that I’m perpetuating some kind of Great Lie on you, and I couldnt stand that.
I belong to you. You could do anything you wanted with me and i would let you. You could ask anything of me and I’d break myself trying to make you happy. My heart tells me this is the best and greatest feeling i have ever had. But my mind knows the difference between wanting what you cant have and wanting what you shouldnt want. and I shouldnt want you.
All night I’ve watched you sleeping, watched the moonlight come and go, casting it’s shadows across your face in black and white. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful. I think of the life we could have had if things were different, a life where this night is not a singular event, separate from everything else that’s real, but every night. But things aren’t different, and I cant look at you without feeling like ive tricked you into loving me.
The truth no one is willing to say out loud is that no one has a shot against Valentine but me. I can get close to him like no one else can. I can pretend I want to join him and hell believe me, up until that last moment where I end it all, one way or another. I have something of Sebastians; I can track him to where my fathers hiding, and thats what im going to do. So I lied to you last night. I said I just wanted one night with you. But i want every night with you. And thats why I have to slip out of your window now, like a coward. Because if I had to tell you this to your face, I couldnt make myself go.
I dont blame you if you hate me, I wish you would. As long as I can stil dream, I will dream of you




„Later, she tried calling Emily, who said she and Tommy were studying—uh-huh—and that she would call her later. Grace didn’t expect a call back. All Emily had time for anymore was Tommy. Before Tommy, she and Emily were practically joined at the hip. Since Tommy, Grace had started feeling pretty lonely.”


–      Într-o zi, voi avea întreaga putere a Regelui Verii, la fel cum a avut-o tata. Domnia ta se va sfârși. Gata cu frigul. Gata cu puterea nestăpânită. Își coborî vocea, sperând să ascundă tremurul din glas. Atunci vom vedea cine este cu adevărat mai puternic.

    Stătu acolo pentru un moment, tăcută și nemișctă. Atunci puse o mână rece pe pieptul lui și se ridică, împingându-l ușor. Gheața forma o rețea care pornea din palma ei, târându-se peste el până începu să-l doară atât de tare, încât nu s-ar fi putut mișca chiar dacă l-ar fi împins  însăși Vânătoare Sălbatică.

–    Ce discurs drăguț.  De fiecare dată e tot mai amuzant   –   ca într-unul dintre showurile alea de televiziune. Îl sărută pe amândoi obrajii,  lăsând în urma buzelor un semn de degerătură și gerul să i se strecoare prin piele, amintindu-i ca ea – nu eu, nu încă – deține toată puterea. Ăsta e unul dintre lucrurile drăgălașe ale micului nostru aranjament   –    dacă ar trebui să am de-a face cu un rege adevărat, mi-ar lipsi jocurile noastre.


Shatter Me

    „Urăsc plictiseala indiferentă a unui soare mult prea preocupat de el însuși pentru a observa orele infinite pe care le petrecem în prezența lui. Soarele e o chestie arogantă, care lasă mereu lumea în urmă cănd se plictisește de noi.
Luna e o prietenă loială.
Nu pleacă niciodată. E mereu acolo, veghind, neclintită, știindu-ne în momentele noaste bune și rele, schimbându-se întotdeauna, așa cum facem și noi. În fiecare zi e o versiune diferită a ei însăși. Uneori slabă si palidă, alteori puternică și plină de lumină. Luna înțelege ce înseamnă să fii om.
Șovaielnic. Singur. Pătruns de imperfecțiuni.”